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Limo and Car Service for Memorial Day Flights from MDW and ORD

Memorial Day Car and Limo Service

The Memorial Day holiday will be a busy weekend for traveling, especially in major airports such as O’Hare Airport (ORD), and Midway Airport (MDW).  In fact, the travel volume across the United States is expected to be the busiest since 2005.

Business professionals and executives who need to rely on an on-time car and limousine service should place their transportation reservations now to these destinations from downtown Chicago or the outlying suburbs.

Tips to Help Expedite Long TSA Screening Lines

In addition to being on-time for departing and arriving flights, Crown Cars & Limousines would also like to offer travelers some tips for helping to navigate the expected long lines of security while at major airports.  These tips are offered directly from the TSA and can help to expedite the process for those going through important screening points:

  • Remove all items from your pockets and secure the items in your carry-on bag to prevent them from being left behind in a bin. Your screening experience will go even faster if you remove everything from your pockets before you get to the checkpoint.
  • Avoid wearing large metal jewelry or clothing with large metal embellishments to reduce the possibility of alarming the screening machines.
  • Prepare your liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes to be sure they are packed in compliance with the 3-1-1 liquids rule. Passengers who violate this rule will cause delays for themselves and everyone behind them.
  • When traveling with gifts, place them in a gift bag instead of wrapping them. If a wrapped gift alarms, appears to have been tampered with or poses any other security concerns, it will need to be unwrapped for additional screening.

For more information about traveling safe and effectively through our major airports please visit www.tsa.gov.

To reserve a private car or limousine please visit our Reservation page and one of our reservation specialists will be happy to assist you.