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Executives Weigh-In On Corporate Limo and Car Services in Chicago

FAQ About Executive Car and Limo Service

Busy corporate professionals and executives need to rely on an on-time transportation service that can allow them to travel safely to downtown Chicago, the outlying suburbs, O’Hare Airport (ORD), and Midway Airport (MDW).

We asked some windy city executives just what were the most important aspects of chauffeured transportation to them.  Here is what they had to say:

Q:  Do you feel that a taxi or shuttle can get you to your destination with an on-time guarantee?

Answer:  When I absolutely need to be at a meeting or destination on-time I’ll defer to reserving a chauffeured limousine or a private car service.

Q:  What Chicago destination do you frequently travel to and need chauffeured transportation?

Answer:  Most of the time I am headed to Midway or O’Hare and need a private car or limousine to pick me up or take me to my departing flight.

Q:  What is your favorite aspect of chauffeured transportation?

Answer:  I really like the effort behind trip planning.  When I make my reservation, I am always asked at least a few times about additional stops during my trip or a double confirmation of my arriving and departing airlines.

Q:  Do you have a favorite type of vehicle that you typically reserve?

Answer:  If I am traveling alone then I will typically reserve a Lincoln or Cadillac as a private car.  If we have a group like our management team then we will opt for a Navigator or an Executive Van.

Are You A Busy Executive With Transportation Questions?

The team at Crown Cars & Limousines is here to answer your transportation questions.  We are a company that prides itself on its on-time guarantee so we encourage you to ask us your most detailed questions.  Recently, we have made the process of asking questions even easier with our new Online Chat and Support feature.  When you visit our website at http://www.ccllimo.com you will be welcomed with the opportunity to chat online with one of our customer care experts.  We’ll see you online!